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Loyal Online Retail Customers In Multi-Channel Retail

Loyal Online Retail Customers In Multi-Channel Retail

As a result, most BM retailers adopted e-Commerce to become Bricks and Clicks retailers. Online retailers, on the other hand, started to open physical stores to serve as showrooms for their products. Media Genesis suggests that retailers do the following to get back loyal retail customers: Build an emotional connection – whether it’s through exclusive content or rewards, making your consumer feel particular is an integral part of brand loyalty.

Personalize – you have your customer’s data; use it to your advantage! Make your content relevant and engaging by making sure that it is (almost) custom-made for your consumer. Use your data – use data, analytics, and your digital business capabilities to go beyond just rewards. Use the information you’ve gathered to analyse how your consumers want to engage with your brand and build a strategy to do it. Create an active online presence – forgoing a good website and a robust online presence is essentially a death sentence in today’s digital marketplace. Most consumers prefer to shop online and not having an easy to use website is like excluding your brand from the conversation.

Merge your worlds – make the online to offline experience utterly complimentary by identifying all of the crucial touch points you may have with your consumers. You might even see a return to foot traffic if the consumer consistently sees your brand attached to reasonable prices online.

When they need something in a pinch, your brand will be at the top of their mind. Make it easy – as a business; you now have to prioritize delivering quality, enjoyable interactions with your consumers. This is the best way to build a lasting customer relationship in the digital age. If your web presence does some of the heavy liftings for your consumer, making it easier for them to reach their end goal, the quality of the experience will resonate, and they’ll be back for more.

Online retailers are facing dramatic changes, and they need to respond quickly if they are to survive. That’s the conclusion you can draw from research showing just how much shoppers are in control. The study from the consultancy firm PwC should be a wake-up call to online retailers as it reveals some stark messages.

We need to ask ourselves why this situation exists. The standard mantra of “online success” is that if you create a niche, a tiny niche at that, people will flock to you. The data suggest the opposite – that people are flocking to the generalists, like Amazon. With the majority of people shopping at a few online retailers, it is clear that these are highly trusted companies. One reason other online retailers may not be doing so well is that they have not demonstrated enough trust.

Trust is established when a company delivers the right product at the right price to the right person in the right way. Many online stores fail at several of these hurdles. Far too many online retailers are simply trying to “cash in” on the web wave without actually putting proper business systems in place – leading to lowered levels of trust. Check out the latest build it promotions.